I became a happy content resident at Heritage of Edina in August of 2002 thanks to the graciousness of Maria and Wayne Field, and the staff who made me feel immediately at home. We have many diverse activities that are fun for everyone such as: card games, bean bag toss, exercises (easy, to a little more advanced), bowling, darts, movies on Saturdays, volunteers who come to entertain us, and the list goes on. There is something for everyone. I work as the manager of the “Handi Shop” on the first floor in the Rembrandt building. This is a small shop that is open from 12:30-1:30 every day and is staffed by residents seven days a week. Most importantly I have met a lot of wonderful people who have become my close friends. We have named ourselves the Rembrandt Rascals, and we have a good life, for which I am thankful. That’s how my life has been rewarded.



The reason I like it here is that this is my home! I LOVE IT! Sure the majority of the people that live here are older, but I can learn from them. Heritage lets you be yourself, within reason that is. I also like it here because they let me have my pet bird Peppi with me, whom I adore. This is also the very first place I found that has interesting things for me to do. You get the feeling that the staff is interested in you, and care about you. As long as I can have God and Peppi in my life here, I’m a very happy camper. Kathy moved in March 2004.

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