Outside Window Visits 

It is quickly becoming too cold for outside visits.  Until we can safely begin the indoor visitation we will be starting a new outdoor visit procedure.

As of 10/19/20 instead of having outdoor visits in the Michelangelo Garden, the visits will be held at the front door of the Manor building. Visitors will remain outside the front door and residents will be on the other side of the door in the heated entrance. The outside of the door is covered by an awning and sheltered from the wind as well.  This will allow the resident to stay warm and still able to continue visiting their families and friends in privacy.

We will have a speaker system available for these visits so you’ll be able to communicate with the resident. To use this system, visitors will need to use their cell phone to call the speaker and you will then be able to talk with the resident. It’s a hands-free system for the resident so even those unable to hold a phone can communicate easily. We think this will be a wonderful way to continue visits until the indoor visit procedure is completed. The safety of our residents, as always, is our number one priority. Please continue to check our website for further updates regarding when we will be instituting the indoor visits and for information on scheduling.


Please read our full statement here regarding the move towards Inside Visits.

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